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  Final Programme
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Final Programme

Click here to see the final conference programme [PDF, 90Kb]


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<typohead type=3>Wednesday, 9 March 2005 </typohead>

<typohead type=4>10.00 Opening Plenary: Welcome & Introduction</typohead>

Welcome to Colleagues and Introducing ECOPROFIT: economic and environmental advancement of the City of Graz

Walter Ferk, Deputy Mayor and Environment Referee, City of Graz  


Welcome by Co-organiser

Wolfgang Teubner, Executive Director, ICLEI European Secretariat        


ECOPROFIT and its contribution to the development and strengthening of the environment technology sectr in Austria

Herwig Dürr, Austrian Federal Ministery of Economics and Labour    


ECOPROFIT impacts on companies and the economy 

Karl-Heinz Dernoscheg, Austrian Chamber of Commerce 

<typohead type=4>11.00 International support for the ECOPROFIT idea</typohead>

ECOPROFIT as a part of the world-wide UNIDO Cleaner Production Programme

Igor Volodin, Industrial Development Officer, Cleaner Production and Environment Management Branch, UNIDO 


Promoting Sustainable Development within companies in the European Union

Uwe Furnier, Directorate General - Sustainable Development & Integration,  European Commission, Directorate General Environment

<typohead type=4>12.00 A round of mutual introductions</typohead>

Facilitator: Wolfgang Teubner, Executive Director, ICLEI European Secretariat

Participants of the Meeting

<typohead type=4>13.00 Lunch</typohead>

<typohead type=4>14.00 ECOPROFIT: win-win for economy and environment </typohead>

Economic and environmental improvements after 12 years ECOPROFIT in Graz

Karl Niederl,  Head of Environment Department, City of Graz    


ECOPROFIT experiences in other cities and regions



Munich: More than 50 German cities prove that ECOPROFIT is a successful model to encourage companies to invest into eco-efficiency


Ulrike Pott, Arqum, Munich, Germany  



St Petersburg: ECOPROFIT supports St Petersburg’s promotion of Cleaner Production


Irina Startseva, UNIDO North-Western International Cleaner Production Centre, Saint Petersburg, Russia        



Panzihua: How ECOPROFIT helps the Chinese City of Panzhihua in the solution of the big ecological problems 


Christoph Holzner, CPC Austria, Graz



Modena, Maribor, Pecs: ECOPROFIT and its contribution to an interregional know-how exchange between the cities of Modena, Maribor, Pecs and Graz in the framework of an INTERREG IIIC project


             Akos Hegyi, Municipality of Pecs, Hungary; Antonio Kaulard, Modena, Italy

<typohead type=4>16.00  ECOPROFIT companies reporting on their experiences</typohead>

Four ECOPROFIT awarded companies showcase their environmental programmes and how they turned environmental problems into environmental performance, answering the question: "What profits can be gained from ECOPROFIT?"



Andritz AG – customized plants, systems, and services for the pulp, paper, steel and other specialized industries: Advantages of Public Private Partnership Cooperation and the establishment of trustful relationships 


         Oskar Rovensky, Andritz AG, Graz


Talc Producer "Luzenac Naintsch": First hand experiences with Environmental Management Systems - an interaction of ECOPROFIT and ISO 14001


          Sonja Kainz, Luzenac Naintsch, Graz        


Chamber of Labour: Environmentally friendly business process opportunities for service providers and their role as multipliers


         Susanne Bauer, Chamber of Labour, Graz


Stoffbauer Hotel and Restaurant: The challenges of improving environmental efficiency in small tourism businesses


Daniela Paar, Stoffbauer, Graz 

<typohead type=4>17.00  ECOPROFIT consultants reporting on their experiences</typohead>

"Expertise and benefits with Ecoprofit on the example of two Asian Pioneer Companies"

Christian Angerbauer / Thomas Dielacher, Stenum GmbH, Graz, Austria


"Germany energy efficiency prize for ECOPROFIT"

Andreas Rebhan, ARÖW GmbH, Duisburg, Germany


<typohead type=4>20.00  Mayor’s Reception at Hotel Weitzer</typohead>



<typohead type=3>Thursday, 10 March 2005 </typohead>

<typohead type=4>

09.00  ECOPROFIT life: 


4  different groups will visit one of the selected companies to see the implementation of ECOPROFIT

Intensive discussions with business leaders, staff council members and experts  


Industrial enterprises



Trade/Services companies



Tourism companies                   

Hotel Erzherzog Johann

Sanatorium Hansa

Waste Management companies



<typohead type=4>13.00  Lunch in Maribor</typohead>

<typohead type=4>14.00  Spin-off effects: ECOPROFIT as catalyst for economic prosperity beyond regional borders</typohead>

Welcome to Maribor

Boris Sovic, Mayor City of Maribor, Slovenia       


Ecoprofit experiences in Maribor

Vesna Smaka-Kincl, Head of Environment Department, City of Maribor, Slovenia


Opportunities for advanced programme modules (waste and energy management)

Example: the development of a communal waste management master plan for Maribor 

Karl Niederl, Head of Environment Department City of Graz     

<typohead type=4>15.30 How can ECOPROFIT approaches be integrated into existing local policy?</typohead>

The social dimension: How ECOPROFIT helps to engage businesses in Local Agenda 21 processes

Silvia Hesse, Agenda Office Hannover, Germany     


Access and recognition: empowering successful approaches to sustainable development

Wolfgang Teubner, Executive Director, ICLEI European Secretariat

<typohead type=4>18.00  Dinner in a ‘Buschenschank’ – a traditional vineyard in the scenic surroundings of South Styria</typohead>



<typohead type=3>Friday, 11 March 2005</typohead>

<typohead type=4>09.00 ECOPROFIT implementation</typohead>

ECOPROFIT basic programme and measures database

Margit Baumhakel, Environment Departure City of Graz 


ECOPROFIT Individual Consultation – Experiences of an international ECOPROFIT consultant

Johannes Fresner, STENUM GmbH, Graz


ECOPROFIT Academy: supporting tools for an international platform

Sabine Gelter, Deputy Managing Director, CPC Austria, Graz


New knowledge management tool

Michael Granitzer, Know Centre Technical University, Graz

<typohead type=4>11.00 Financing and funding opportunities for ECOPROFIT projects</typohead>

Walter Schrittwieser, Mind Consult GmbH, Graz 

<typohead type=4>Closing Plenary  </typohead>

<typohead type=4>12.00 Local leaders meet international actors: how to jointly promote ECOPROFIT  on all continents</typohead>

Chair: Wolfgang Teubner, Executive Director, ICLEI European Secretariat

Panel Discussion: Lessons learnt and where to go from here?

Karl Niederl, City of Graz, Head of Environment Department     

Julio Cardoso, Environment Unit of DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission

Viviann Gunnarsson, Vice Mayor, City of Stockholm, Sweeden

Theunis Meyer, Senior Environmental Advisor, Centre for Environmental Management (CEM), Potchefstroom, South Africa 


<typohead type=4>13.00 Looking ahead</typohead>

Karl Niederl, Head of the Environment Department City of Graz

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