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Mayor's message

The Mayor of Graz invited colleagues from all parts of the world to join this meeting on ECOPROFIT.

ECOPROFIT, the ’ECOlogical PROject For Integrated Environmental Technology’, is a programme for sustainable economic development, introduced in Graz, Austria, in 1991.

ECOPROFIT strengthens both local authorities and companies, helping to secure the sustainable economic development of a region. The main objective is the promotion of Sustainable Development within companies. The programme enables them to save costs through investments into ecoefficiency and environmentally friendly business processes.

The success of ECOPROFIT relies on cooperation within Public Private Partnerships through common training and consulting programmes and strong support during implementation.

The ECOPROFIT network currently consists of more than 70 international cities/ regions and approximately 1200 companies. Participants benefit from a well proven programme and the exchange of best practice experiences in the field of ecoefficiency.

Thank you for those who joined this conference to learn more about our successful approach and join the international ECOPROFIT network.

Siegfried Nagl, Mayor of Graz

Page last updated: 14.Mar.2013.

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