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<typohead type=3>The City of Graz</typohead>

Graz has always been a city of substance, of continuity. It has the largest - and, people think, most beautiful - joined-up historical centre in Central Europe, one best appreciated high up from the vantage point of the Schlossberg. Here, the magnificent roofscape reveals the broadest expanse of history, at least in terms of square metres. Down below, a stroll through the old narrow streets and alleys takes the breathless visitor on a journey through the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods; there are splendid churches and palaces to admire, or quiet corners and enchanting inner courtyards to stop and linger a while.

The Old Town itself is a world heritage site. In awarding the title, UNESCO certainly ‘saw through’ what Graz is all about. But Graz, true to form, wasn’t ready to rest on its laurels.

Of course there are towns which live solely from - one is tempted to say ‘off’ - their history. But not Graz. The cultural capital, you see, remains a cultural capital in 2004, meaning that while local people here draw on the substance and continuity of their city, their willingness to engage in the issues and challenges of today is a purely independent achievement.

Awards given to the City of Graz include:


World Cultural Heritage Site

European Cultural Capital 2003

European Sustainable City 1992

Climate Star City 2002



The Graz Tourist Information web centre provides visitors with a wide variety of information to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable - See for details. Available in English, German, Italian and Japanese.


City Hall, Graz, Austria

The Old City, Graz, Austria - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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